Business Development

Solar Energy

Our main aim is to explore the maximum Opportunity of Sun Planet by adopting green technology

Residential Projects

We are taking up the construction job and Land Development activities including building of Apartments

Import Export

We wish to diversify in to additional businesses-like Import and Export of Consumables and construction activities

Organic Agriculture

The Organic Agriculture is a most important activity in India & lagging behind because of so many factors and the demand for this Organic Agriculture produces increase day by day.

Sheep, Goat, Poultry and Rabbit Farm

SHEEP, GOAT, POULTRY, RABBIT AND FISH FARMING in Large Scale – The next ever ending demand for Goat, Sheep, Poultry and Rabbit farming in organic manner

Tourism Domestic and Inernational

This is another sector which is having huge scope for exploiting the tourism places Domestically and Internationally.


This sector also having a huge scope for serving the Public to refresh from their hectic lifeWhether it's a family holiday, a romantic getaway or a business trip, our proposed luxury resorts extend unforgettable experiences every time.

Travel & Tourism

This is another Sector which ever green and most profitable venture by serving public and as well as our Partners in Travel and Tourism domestically.  


An another ever green sector is having a demand in highly populated India. To start this business a fresh means a year’s time required to commence a project after fulfilling governments formalities