We started this Solar Park as a Limited Liability Partnership firm with a capital of ₹10 Cr. And we are moving forward to reach the capital of ₹100 Cr in a short period.

Our main aim is to explore the maximum Opportunity of Sun Planet by adopting green technology of Solar Projects to meet the ever growing demand for SOLAR PARK power and sell it to Commerial Establishments in India and developing countries abroad.

Entire world is exploring the renewable energy from Sun Planet and has its Permanent future to meet the ever growing demand for Power.

We therefore can assure a standard monthly profit to our Esteemed Partners for 25 to 30 Years uninterruptedly. In turn the capital will get multiplied by number of times.

We are diversifying in to additional businesses-like Import and Export of Consumables and construction activities which will  attract lucrative profit and the capital of every partner just multiplies in a short period.

We are thus taking up construction job and Land Development activities including building of Apartments and Villas where huge margins can be assured to our Partners  to have  their capital  multiplied.

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